World of Wellness

Accompany us in the World of Wellness

The Orient

Let yourself be transported into the world of 1000 and one nights and enjoy a special oriental cleansing ritual.

Frau von Schaum bedeckt

Rasul | ca. 30 min. | 30,- €

The age old knowledge of the Orient with regard to health- and skincare is incor- porated in Rasul. In this Steambath, which is especially sympathetic to your circulation, natural healing soil is used to detoxify the skin.

Rasul Ritual | ca. 45 min. | 49,- €

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Far East Encounters | ca. 45 min. | 59,- €

Rasul Steam Bath, Silk Gloves Scrub, with water pourings on the warm Hamam Stone and foam soap wash.

Magic of the Orient | ca. 75 min. | 110,- €

Like Far East Encounters, in addition to a wash and massage with soapfoam, on the warm Hamam Stone.

Grand Vesier | ca. 2 hrs. | 165,- €

Like Magic of the Orient, in addition to a part body massage.


From the Orient our journey continues along 5775 km to Kochi, India. Here you will experience pure joy with our Ayurveda treatments.

Abhyanga - Ayurveda Total Body Massage | ca. 75 min. | 120,- €


Submerge into the ayurvedic complete body massage. Everyday life disappears and in the newfound peace you will find the opportunity to make contact with yourself. It is the contact with the inner self which makes this massage to a very special event. You will be more aware of your body and will feel rejuvenated both inside and out, more mobile and happier. A Udvarthana, a Sandalwoodpeeling can be added to this treatment if desired. (altogether 129,- €).

Shirodhara - Oil Flow Treatment on the Third Eye | ca. 60 min. | 89,- €

Beginning with a head- , shoulder- and neck massage, valuable oils will be poured in a slow flow on the third eye, with a ritual finish. This oil flow is a very special happening, releasing inner peace and harmony and eliminating stress and anxiety.

Upanahasveda - Ayurvedic Back Massage | ca. 55 min. | 84,- €

Let strength flow again through your spine. After a surprising massage your back will be wrapped in warming herbal poultices.

Mukabhyanga - Ayurvedic Facial | ca. 40 min. | 69,- €

Your face, as the mirror of your soul, will show you how you feel. Show your true face, it does not need to hide itself any longer. A special massage technique treating Breast, Décolleté, Face and Head, will set your spirit free and will enchant your face.

Padabhyanga - Ayurvedic Foot Massage | ca. 25 min. | 39,- €

This Ayurvedic Foot massage is more than just a treatment of the reflex zones of the foot. This massage will bring you back to the here and now, so that you will again feel the ground under your feet.

Abhy-Dhara | ca. 2 hrs. | 169,- €

A Ayurvadic total body massage followed by a royal oil flow treatment on the third eye. This extraordinary treatment will be concluded with a soft foot massage.

Kräuterstempel-Massage | ca. 70 min. | 120,- €

Warme Kräuterstempel nach der 4-Elementen Lehre unschmeicheln Ihren Körper. Die Massage verhilft zu mehr Lebenskraft und reduziert den Stress.


From the south of India we shall take a short-cut to mysterious Tibet. After another 2685 km we reach Llasa. There await us wonderful body treatments.

Massage with Bowls | ca. 30 min. | 45,- €

The combination of the wonderful sounds of the bowls massages your soul and will bring you inner peace.

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[coming soon] | ca. 40 min. | 69,- €

Tibetan Intensive Massage | ca. 75 min. | 120,- €

Chakra-Balance-Massage | ca. 90 min. | 139,- €

This is a treatment which regenerates your energy system. Using Aura-Soma-Colour Oils, Potpourri, Precious Stones and Reiki, your body will be brought into balance with your soul and your spirit.

Colour Aroma Massage | ca. 50 min. | 99,- €

Choose your favourite AURA-SOMA oil and enjoy a wonderfully relaxing massage. After the treatment you take your bottle and use the oil on a daily basis.


Mussel Massage | ca. 55 min. | 98,- €

The warmth of the mussels loosen tensions, quietens your spirit. Treat yourself to this experience.

The Island Bali


Invigorated we travel a further 2600 km, on to our last dream destination - Bali, the isle of the gods. This island, with its gorgeous nature, overpowers our senses. The friendliness of joy of its people give us a feeling of relaxation and security.

Foot Massage | 25 min. | 39,- €

Elements of the Ayurveda, Shiatsu and Reflexology combine in the energizing treatment.

Boreh | 35 min. | 49,- €

This wrap consists of 12 herbs and spices, which warm the body and is nature's medicine for all cold-induced illnesses on Bali.

Balinese Body Massage | 80 min. | 139,- €

With this treatment we spoil your body from top to toe with balinese beauty rituals. These originate from India, Thailand, Indonesia and China.

Balinese Tempel Magic | 85 min. | 139,- €

All Balinese beauty rituals come together with this treatment. After a gentle foot- path you will enjoy a Balinese body massage followed by a revitalizing body wrap (Lulur or Boreh). Then you will crown it with a relaxing deluxe bath.


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Lomi Lomi Massage | 80 min. | 139,- €

It will not be necessary for you to undergo all these exhausting and troublesome facets of a journey of 14.582 km. We offer you the fascinating world of wellness here with us!